HP confirms that its first Windows 8 tablet will be x86 based

Hewlett Packard has recently confirmed that its maiden Windows 8 tablet will have x86 based processor, specifically targeting business users. The company further stated that it has no plans as of now to make ARM based tablets that run Windows RT. Though company officials use ARM, HP’s first device will be for the business market, based on x86.

The decision was prompted by widespread use of x86 based devices in contrast to the ARMs. The huge network of x86 applications will provide the best customer experience, according to Marlene Somsak, the spokesperson of HP. The company is pretty optimistic about recapturing the market with x86 tablets. ARM tablets could be a following target, as per company officials.

HP is strategically building tablets on the Windows platform so that they can bring Windows 8 products to the market. The tech giant is also enhancing the security and management features of Windows 8 on their tablets, as it will be focusing on the business market initially.

The public event of the tablet launch is yet to be announced. Much like the other tablet manufacturers, who are coming up with Windows 8 based devices, HP has not revealed anything about it.

In a move to re-establish their hold on tablet market, HP continues to revamp and modernize their series of touch devices. They feel that targeting the business segment would be the best for launching of Windows 8 tablets.

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HP confirms that its first Windows 8 tablet will be x86 based
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