Intel Windows 8 Tablets to hit retail stores in November 2012

The much awaited Windows 8 will reach retail stores through the Intel tablets by November this year, as confirmed by trusted sources. Apart from tablets, Intel will also be launching a hybrid device of ultrabook and tablet.

The slated launch has put Windows on a higher platform as its new OS would be able to run more than 4-5 architectures – three Intel, ARM and AMD.

Windows 8 is a revamped OS from Microsoft that will run on both ARM and x86 chipsets for laptops, desktops and tablets. The new OS will feature the Metro UI that was first introduced with Windows Phone back in December 2010.

All the devices that are coming up, viz. the tablets and convertible laptops are built on Intel’s Clover Trail Atom chip. This would be the first dual-core chip from Intel based on 32 nanometer process technology. This chip is rumored to be very powerful. To offer an enhanced computing experience, these devices would be backed by the high-powered Ivy Bridge processor.

The single core version of the Clover Trail chip currently finds its use in a phone from India-based Lava and would soon be used by Orange, Motorola and Lenovo.

Unlike its predecessor, Windows 8 would be powered by chips from Advance Micro Devices and Intel and is stated to run the legacy applications. In a futuristic attempt to follow-up the Clover trail, Intel has been reported to develop a 22-nanometer chip, the “Bay Trail”.

Following the Intel launch, a totally separate release is planned for Windows RT ARM tablets. Those tablets are expected to release soon after Intel’s device offering.

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Intel Windows 8 Tablets to hit retail stores in November 2012
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