Essential Features of Internet Parental Control Software

With internet exposure and access everyone runs a risk of cyber crime and various other related threats. It is always a cause of concern and it is absolutely necessary to keep kids safe from such threats especially when you are away. The solution to this problem is Parental Control. This software provides protection against malicious threats lurking on the internet. It is a kind of filter that is capable of shutting unwanted content that may harm your kid. This filter can be set up on IM, chat, social media websites, gaming, downloads and much more. Let us find out the features of this software and how it ensures safe surfing.

Following are the features of a good Internet Parental Control software:

Web restrictions- This feature helps in putting restrictions on web surfing. Often children surf websites that are not meant for them. These might even lure them into downloading software that would eventually damage the system. Your kid might also be tricked into sharing personal information that may threaten the security of the system. So, in order to avoid all this you can filter unwanted websites that are dangerous for your kids and a threat to online security. You can set up block options for websites and URLs that you know are dangerous. Activating this control will enable in surfing safe websites appropriate for younger audience to surf.

Time limits- Often children log on to the internet when no one is at home to monitor them or when everyone is fast asleep. In such circumstances it is not possible to keep a constant eye upon the online activities of your child. But by setting ‘Time Limits’ you will be able to set up a trigger that will log off the system after a certain span of time that you have set. Now you can easily decide how long your child can be allowed to surf the internet.

Games- Games are obvious distractions to any child. They might not have completed their homework and this is cause enough to worry about especially if it has become a habit. To stop your child from playing games via the internet and wasting precious study time, you can easily control game access. You would need to set the game access to an age appropriate rating including the content to be blocked and you are done. Specific games that are too violent in nature or are made for adults can be easily made inaccessible to kids.

Allow or block specific programs- Wondering how to choose a list of programs an d applications that you would like to bar your child from viewing? You can choose a keyword specific program that will block all the other related searches. Now even if your child chooses to search it via the internet, then also it will not be accessible as the keyword specific filter will block it. These websites will not be accessible.

Internet security is multi-layered and it is not only about preventing your kid from gaining access to inappropriate content but also about securing your data and system from damage. For this purpose it is advisable to seek the help of a premium online tech support provider to help you understand and install such software on your computer.

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Essential Features of Internet Parental Control Software
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