CES 2012 Wrap Up: What to Choose and What to Lose

The world’s largest electronics trade show, CES 2012 is all set to wind up in another few hours leaving behind the products, ideas and announcements open for analysis and review. So far many companies and service providers have demonstrated their products in the showcase of this mega fair. Despite the best efforts of these companies many products have failed to get attention of users who had a tough task of choosing the best among equals.

The team of online tech support services provider, Qresolve has been constantly monitoring the products and developments about CES and shortlisted the products that impressed the audience as well as those who dispelled the audience.

To choose:

Intel and Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks seems to be the theme of the CES 2012. Now technology is taking a sharp turn to benefit those companies that are making small laptops or ultrabooks. Consumers get benefited with features like longer battery life, quick boot up and SSD storage and enhanced portability convenience. Intel is behind the chips used with these ultrabooks that can turn out to be a huge business opportunity for the company.

To lose:


Taking into account the recent e-mailing issue with Blackberry phones it is of no qualm to say that the company has landed into a marshy land. Being humble and apologetic Blackberry has come up to the mega CES fair with e-mail support for its Playbook tablet apart from apps for Blackberry smartphones. Overall, this giant has nothing new to impress the consumers.

To choose:


However this not a much talked company around you or maintains a proverbial presence, but there remains a strong chance that you might have been its consumer because of its wide consumer base. Products manufactured by this company are rebranded and sold with a different name across the globe. For the first time Huawei is introducing its own phone with its name in the UK. The products seem to be promising and probably impress consumers as they are doing the same for long but with a different brand name.

To lose:


Firstly, the chief Steve Ballmer failed to make the headline with his keynote address at the CES 2012 opening day. However, the bigger disappointment came from its stall that showcased only few to name and that also had already been announced. Its representatives at the Internet Explorer stall had literally nothing new to offer.

CES continues with its full colors showcasing products, ideas and announcements from worldwide but still many more are left to be made public. Qresolve, the premier computer support service provider is keeping a close tab on the CES developments so keep on visiting us for more updates.

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CES 2012 Wrap Up: What to Choose and What to Lose
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3 Responses to CES 2012 Wrap Up: What to Choose and What to Lose

  1. Durren says:

    Never looked at CES from this angle… Great coverage…Thanks a ton…

  2. Brian says:

    Well researched post, very informative. Thanks!!! I am sure it will help others as well.

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