CES 2012: Robert Kyncl Scales the Rise of Internet Video Along With YouTube

The day three of the Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas opened with the keynote address of Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s global head of content partnerships. He took the audience and media people on a nostalgic tour of that phase of internet video when video streaming online was not in vogue. He put on record the meteoric rise of the internet as a distribution platform and a major means of entertainment in the last five years.

Kyncl said that the way online entertainment has changed its course was surely beyond imagination. The video subscription service Netflix that started mailing DVDs to subscribers in 1998 streamed over 2 billion videos in the last quarter of 2011. Online movie streaming service Hulu talks about 30 million monthly subscribers. Last but not the least YouTube has attracted more than 800 million viewers in a month. So a phase has arrived from where the evolution of internet video and its acceptance as a strong entertainment means can be seen without any qualm.

Taking an account of the incredible pace at which internet video is progressing, Kyncl said that very soon around 90 percent of the internet traffic will go through the internet video. He asserted that the internet video is going to play a major role in the evolution of media that was once commanded by three major broadcast networks in the U.S. Together these networks commanded 100 percent American television viewership.

In his closing note at CES 2012, Kyncl predicted that by 2020, two third of television channels are expected to be transmitted via the Internet. He emphasized on the role that YouTube has played in making possible the Machinima, a YouTube channel for video game fans. Reportedly, this channel now attracts more than 1 billion viewership in a month from all around the world.

CES continues with its full colors showcasing products, ideas and announcements from worldwide but still many more are left to be made public. Qresolve, the premier computer support service provider is keeping a close tab on the CES developments so keep on visiting us for more updates.

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CES 2012: Robert Kyncl Scales the Rise of Internet Video Along With YouTube
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