CES 2012 Reaching Its Peak: More Products on the Platter

The world’s largest tech carnival CES 2012 is inching towards its finish after portraying eye catching gadgets and devices carrying innovative ideas and designs. As it enters into the day 3, audience and media have glued their eyes on products and announcement those are still in the box. Like preceding two days, day three also has many more to offer.

The day started with the address of keynote speaker Robert Kyncl, YouTube executive who leads the Global Content Partnerships program for this mega event. Even after frenzied discussion and intense media coverage the gleam of the third day has not diminished even by a bit and companies are in queue to introduce their products before this huge gathering of technocrats and international media.

Tech analysts at premier online tech support provider Qresolve is taking review of every session at the CES 2012 to offer its online visitors information about the best pick from the show. Find below some impressive gadgets and devices introduced on Consumer Electronics Show showcase on day 3.

Nintendo launches the Wii U

While SONY and Microsoft are still pondering upon to launch their much awaited gaming console or the next generation gaming systems, Nintendo stole the show and surprised the industry leaders by letting audience put their hands on the new and innovative Wii U. This move of Nintendo is aimed to encapsulate the frenzy towards tablets as WiiU as a gaming system will essentially use a tablet as a game controller.

Behringer launches iNuke Boom

There is no doubt about it that Apple is not exhibiting its products at the CES, but that does not mean that Apple accessories makers are not at the show with their eye catching products. Behringer launched iNuke Boom, the iPhone, iPad and iPod dock. The company claimed that it is the world’s loudest dock that boasts 10,000 watts of power.

CES has smoothly entered into its third day of showcasing products from worldwide but still many more are left to be counted before the finals. Qresolve, the premier computer support service provider is keeping a close tab on the CES developments so keep on visiting us for more updates.

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CES 2012 Reaching Its Peak: More Products on the Platter
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