CES 2012 Day 2: An Overview

As CES 2012 entered into day 2 there are many products and announcements to talk about. The platter is replete with new, improved and innovative products and announcements from reputed tech houses like Sony, LG, Samsung, Dell and many more. So far, audience and journalists have seen, appreciated and reviewed numerous gadgets and devices. The second day of the event has made a pretty addition to the list with AT&T’s 3G network, Motorola XT928 and MT917, two new high-end smartphones and many more.

More than 400 products from various companies have registered their presence on the show. However, picking few of them is really an ominous task. Tech analysts at the premier online tech support service provider, Qresolve have made attempt to shortlist few of them that looked impressive.

WikiPad: 3D:

It is a second generation tablet with innovative features and futuristic design. It runs on the latest Ice Cream Sandwich Android mobile operating system and offers amazing glasses-free 3D experience.

Samsung Chromebox Series 3

It is a small form factor PC running on Chrome OS from Google. The unit that Samsung demonstrated at CES was connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. It has full connectivity via Ethernet. It accommodates just one power button at the front apart from a headphone jack and a pair of USB ports.

Sony NEX-FS100

It is a professional camera that comes with an interchangeable lens. Its innovative design, easy navigation and other specs like a large Super 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor, interchangeable lenses, professional controls and XLR inputs stole the show and impressed viewers a lot at the CES.

SuperTooth Disco 2

SuperTooth Disco 2 is a budget Bluetooth speaker designed to offer very good sound output. It is a sturdy set of speakers with nice protective case. With this you get a 1/8 or 3.5mm cable to connect an auxiliary device and a power charger that is truly efficient. Once you fully charged the Supertooth Disco you can play it for at least 3 hours.

CES is all set to reveal many more innovations and announcements in the next few days. Qresolve, the premier computer support service provider is keeping a close tab on the CES developments so keep on visiting us for more updates.

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CES 2012 Day 2: An Overview
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