5 computer support tips to help keep you safe on internet

Internet is the gateway to virus attacks and anyone who is surfing the web is vulnerable to it. It is essential to take preventive measures against virus attack. It is important to do so to save money and lessen the down-time of systems. Security layers need to be in place for better protection. Premium computer support is what one should look for. This way you will be able to secure your system.

Let us now have a look at the top 5 tips that will help keep you safe:

1) Antivirus and malware software protection

It is important to install antivirus software to save the system from potential virus attacks. In addition to this you must keep in mind to have  regular updates installed. It is important to keep the files safe from malicious software and worms attacking the system. So, it is advisable to get in touch with computer support to help you with securing your system and keep all the updates installed. An online tech support will help you with up-to-date versions and take proactive security measures as well. Do not go on installing free software that claim to protect system, these might automatically install malicious software or even steal vital information from your system. So, it is better to seek the help of an expert regarding this issue.

2) Keep Windows up-to-date

Microsoft is known to continually release security updates for Windows as vulnerabilities are discovered. Remember to install these updates on your system so that you are  able to receive alerts and updates. This is important to save the system from hackers who are always trying to write malicious software and take advantage. .

3) Google public DNS

Whenever a user types www.google.com , the internet browser is checking with a DNS server which translates the domain name to the IP address of the Google server. Every website on the internet has an IP address. Google, OpenDNS and NortonDNS all provide the option of using their DNS servers. The main reason for using their DNS servers is to ensure protection against malicious websites. These websites are detected and then blocked. In fact your internet providers default DNS servers are devoid of this added protection. The best way to utilize this given feature is to set up the router to use their DNS. For this you can seek help of a trained computer expert.

4) Use a restricted user account in Windows

You should use an account with limited access. If you are using an unrestricted log in account then the virus attack is possible.  In comparison using a restricted account will help limit the harm caused by the virus.  This will help protect the system to a certain extent. These settings can also be done on request by an online tech expert.

5) Surf smart

Surfing smart on internet is the best possible way to avoid virus attack. You need to be cautious on the internet while clicking links and downloading files. Remember not to unnecessarily click or download when you are not sure of safety or its origin.   It is important to be cautious and check sources.

Following the top 5 tips in relation to computer security can save the system from viruses and any other potential threats too.



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5 computer support tips to help keep you safe on internet
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