Dealing with startup issues on your Asus B50A

Slow startup of PCs and laptops is among those problems that irritate users the most. Almost, every PC user goes through this troubling experience after using the system for some time. If you are a frequent Internet surfer and engaged in downloading or uploading of Internet files, your laptop may develop startup issues. Your ASUS B50A is one of the most advanced laptops available in the market but it can still have startup issues. The safest way of resolving this issue is to call a computer support service provider that employs specialized technicians with wide experience of maintaining ASUS laptops. Your slow laptop might hamper your work especially if you are in hurry to check or send an important e-mail or browse a website for certain information and it is taking longer than usual. But you need not worry because this can be resolved if you follow some simple steps discussed below:

Registry Optimization

Registry is considered as the central location of the entire processing unit of your laptop. Every time you initiate an action with your laptop, Windows reads all the files and folders present in the registry. For obvious reasons, start up becomes slow if the registry contains several unimportant files especially when some of them are corrupt or damaged. It can be easily managed if you defragment or optimize your laptop registry periodically. Registry cleaner tools are very helpful in managing your registry.

Virus and malware removal

Viruses, malware and other online threats are considered the biggest foes of your laptop. They are directly responsible for impeding the normal function of your laptop with issues like slow startup. So regular scanning of your ASUS B50A laptop with updated antivirus software is mandatory and helpful in resolving such issues.

Removal of unnecessary startup programs

The next important step that you need to undertake is removing or turning off those programs that are not required for startup during boot up. It is immensely helpful and expedites the startup process.  You can remove these programs by going to:

Start – Run – type msconfig – press Enter

It will take you to the Startup page where you can manage or delete programs that you don’t want to run automatically when Windows boot. Make sure that you are not removing the antivirus software because this will cause innumerable security issues for your laptop.

Disk defragmentation

Disk defragmenter is a utility offered by Microsoft that helps in faster startup. The fragmentation of files happens when you save, delete or change a file on the hard disk. While you make changes these files get saved on a location that is different from the usual. Thus the same files or folders get saved at several locations of the hard disk every time you make the change. In the long run it comes down heavily on your laptop startup speed. It can be managed easily by using the disk defragmentation process that manages the data and saves a lot of space on the disk.

Every one of us wants our laptop to be quick and efficient but we seldom bother to take the required steps. If you continue facing the slow startup issue with your laptop even after applying these steps, then you are advised to seek tech support from an experienced online tech support service provider.


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Dealing with startup issues on your Asus B50A
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