Does the new Galaxy S II HD weigh upon its predecessor?

Samsung Galaxy S II HD is the latest in the series of modern smartphones introduced by Samsung. It is a device that seems to be a concoction of the  latest technology and alluring designs. As per the expecations the device is equipped with highly efficient dual core processor coupled with an attractive screen. The smartphone with lots of features and tremendous battery life has been made available for AT&T and Amazon users.

The phone with its attractive features is considered to be a worthy successor of  Samsung Galaxy S. The power and functions of the smartphone has been immensely improved by Samsung Galaxy S II.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

 To help users with fast processing, SII has been equipped with Dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor that is an  improvement upon the previous 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor. The Hummingbird chipset is replaced with the new and improved Exynos chipset that speaks volumes about its  performance.

Operating System (OS)

OS forms the backbone of the entire device. It is the platform on which applications open and run. Keeping the vital role of OS in mind, SII has been provided with the improved Android 2.3 Gingerbread that replaces the Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair) with its predecessor Samsung Galaxy SII.

Internal and virtual memory

Noticeable improvements have been incorporated in terms of internal and virutual memory of this amazing device as compared to it predecessor. The new Samsung Galaxy S II comes with internal storage capacity of 16GB/32GB that is precisely double of its previous version that is 8 GB/16GB. RAM is one of the areas that has been worked upon in great detail while  designing the SII. In place of a 512 MB RAM, SII features 1 GB RAM  and this is considered enough to run a moderate laptop.

Battery life

Samsung Galaxy S II comes with a robust battery life that provides users a talktime of upto 18 hours 20 minutes (2G) / Upto 8 hours 40 minutes (3G).  Users also enjoy a better standby as compared to its predecessor with upto 710 hours  in 2G) and upto 610 hours in 3G.

The new device that has hit the market amid huge expectations and competition seems to be a right product if you want to replace your old Samsung Galaxy S. The impressive features with conspicuous  advantages make it a perfect successor and a good choice for people who love to get a smartphone with more processing power and speed.

With the new Samsung Galaxy SII you get plenty of useful add-on apps that impress people of all ages.One of such useful apps is the Kies Air that enables the user to view the phone’s contacts, messages and media via a web browser of the PC. Another app called Social Hub offers you the combination of Facebook/Twitter .

Every smartphone including the SII is subject to occassional technical hiccups or usage difficulties. The advanced technology employed with these smartphones sometimes make things difficult for the users when they face issues related to e-mail settings, app installation, unresponsiveness of the device and more. In these situations help can be obtained from expert computer support service providers. Tech engineers on behalf of these computer support service providers offer you  support in understanding your phone and resolving the related issues.

The most attractive feature of computer support that attracts a smartphone user is its service 24x7x365. You can call the technician at any time and specialized technicians on behalf of the computer support provider listen to your issue patiently and resolve the same by taking the minimum time.

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Does the new Galaxy S II HD weigh upon its predecessor?
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